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Student Scholarships to Attend the National USITT Conference

USITT Northern Boundary Section has had a long tradition of supporting scholarships for student to attend the National Conference. This four-day conference, held yearly in a major city of the United States or Canada, is a gathering of design and production people from all over the world. The conference includes workshop sessions, presentations, a stage exposition, and design exhibitions from all areas of performance. Attending a national conference is an incredible experience for learning, connecting, socializing, and stretching your ideas about your place in theatre design, production or related performance areas.

The Northern Boundary Section, with help from corporate and individual sponsors, has supported 59 students (give-or-take some multiple winners) since 1998 to the tune of $23,225 to attend the USITT National Conference.

NBS has a variety of scholarships it awards each year. For more information, contact section Chairperson, Todd Reemtsma at his email address:

To Apply for a scholarship:
1. Download and complete the Student Scholarship Application
2. Send the Application Form and related documents to Chairperson Todd Reemtsma by October 15 at the address on the form. If you are joining USITT NBS as part of the application process, fill out a membership application and send it with payment to the section treasurer listed at the bottom of the member form.

PDF   Student Scholarship Application

USITT National Conference 2015
March 18-21, 2015natSchol

"Showcasing the Best"

USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo
March 18-21, 2015

More Info -->>

Cincinnati, OH