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NBS Membership Meeting-
March 19, 2015

The next membership meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 19 and will be held at the annual USITT National Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Start time: 8am. Room location at the conference site will be available in the March issue of this newsletter and in the Conference Schedule. See the USITT website ( for full information about the National Conference.

Treasurer's Report

Trea Report

September, 2014 Section Meeting Minutes

USITT-NBS 2014 Fall Conference Membership Meeting
September 5th, 2014
Anoka-Ramsey Community College, 11200 Mississippi Blvd NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433


Key Note Presentation by Christopher Lutter-Gardella 
Founder of Puppet Farm Arts

• Call Meeting to Order            Reemtsma                                    8:58
As is our tradition we started our meeting with Introductions. There were 43 members in attendance.     
• Review March, 2014 Meeting Minutes                             8:55-9:00 Greenwell/Reemtsma
Moved and Seconded. Approved.
• Treasurer’s Report                                                              9:00- 9:05 Montgomery
3806.92 in the bank
• Newsletter & Communications Update                          9:05-9:10
Brian gave Thanks for the all contributions and encourages us to share what we are doing. Upcoming newsletter dates: 15 of December, March, May, and August.
• Todd gave Thanks to our host
• 2014 Fall Conference Announcements                         9:10-9:15 Lerohl
      Cover the Walls
• Scholarships                                                                        9:15-9:25 Reemtsma
Scholarship applications due 10/15/14
Prague Quadrennial Scholarship
Scholarship Reading Committee:
Todd Reemtsma, Corey Shelsta, Jerry Craft, Ricky Greenwell, Wendy Barrett
Emerging Professional Grant will be posted
• Peer Review Update                                                             9:25-9:30
Corey would like to keep it going. Corey would like to expand the program in the spring during his sabbatical.  This is an opportunity for peer review for those that are looking to have supporting material in their tenure packet.

• USITT Sections Meeting in Nashville                                   9:30-9:40 Kraft/Reemtsma
Diversity Training
Jerry shared with us information on new directives the institute is implementing.
Possible Changes to Section Models
Todd Shared with up changes that were presented in Nashville.  ;
Discussion was made from the membership that the board could move forward and make a decision as to what model our section will use.
Second and moved

• Additional Items                                                                     9:40-9:45
Student Chapters National/Section
Website- Thanks to Corey
Social Media
Member agreed that they like email as it primary form of communication.
• Announcements
- Alicia Wold shared information about Arts Market she asked that you go on and add content to the site.
The Arts market is like a craigslist for artist.
- Costume Rental with have it pre Halloween sale.
Face book pages that may be interesting
Theatre makes against clement change
Sustainable theatre of twin cites enclave.
Dave From Children’s Theater Company shared that he would be willing to do tours of the Theatre on Sunday.

• Adjourn to fun!                                                9:40

NEXT MEETING: March 19, 2015 at the Annual Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio

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For most of us, it is time to renew our annual membership in USITT Northern Boundary Section. The annual renewal date is typically September of each year. The renewal form is located in this newsletter. Click here to access the renewal form. Contact the section treasurer if you are unsure about your renewal status (contact info on Section officer page- "Who's Minding the Store?")

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