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It’s March and the National Conference is around the corner.  The USITT National organization will celebrate its 50th year of existence in service to the performing arts.  Our Northern Boundary section has been a vital part of that history and we will be electing new leadership positions for our organization later in the month and this marks a time of transition for us.  Many thanks go out to all who have served over the last years and a special thanks to Rooth Varland who is completing her term as Chair of our section.  And for us in the Northern Boundary section, this time of year marks the transition to the re-appearance of things like grass, leaves, sidewalks and streets as the snow recedes.  For those who are able to attend, our annual gathering and membership meeting at the National Conference is scheduled for Thursday, April 1 at 8am

USITT National Conference
March 31-April 3

USITT50KCBe prepared for fun and excitement at the 2010 Annual Conference & Stage Expo. USITT @ 50
Kansas City boasts more fountains than any city except Rome, plus:

Come for the information, stay for the celebration!


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