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Student Scholarship Winners
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Monkey Wrench Productions- New Space
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By-Laws Changes

USITT Northern Boundary Section members will consider By-Laws changes at the March, 2017 membership meeting to be held at the USITT Annual Conference and Stage Expo in St. Louis, March 8-11. See the article and details HERE.

Student Scholarship Winners

Each year in November, USITT Northern Boundary Section awards student scholarships for attendance at the USITT Annual Conference in March. This year, three Student Scholarships and one Emerging Professional Scholarship have been awarded to the following individuals:

Meghan McLaughlin     Emerging Professional scholarship 

Ashley Bietz                   NBS "Donut" Scholarship

Morgan Porter               The NORCOSTCO-John Mullen Scholarship

Adam Guss                    NBS

Congratulations to all!

Membership Meeting, September 16, 2016

NBS Conference Fall 2016. September 16-17.
Membership Meeting

• Came to order at 7:54
• Introduction of President Corey
            Group introductions

• 8:02 Table March meeting minutes

Officer Reports
• Quarterly newsletter, Brian – providing overview for the group
    New Membership categories beginning this year
    Student $5
    Individual $15
    Organizational memberships
    Sustaining two memberships
    Contributing advertising space, three memberships from org, link to       company website.
    Individuals are welcome to becoming contributing member at any       time.

• Treasurer’s Report
    Thanks for renewing and registering
    $1,274.12 in the account
    Used to pay for food and for student scholarships

• Discussion of Scholarships
- 5 Scholarships including the NBS Scholar, Donut Scholar, Two donated scholar (in limbo) and one mentor scholarship
- Typically $500
- Get more during the PQ years
- Information available in the website and newsletters
- Encouraging students to fill out scholarships
- Reading Committee- Scholarship nominations
    Jerry Kraft
    Todd Edwards
    Billy Wilburn
    Scott Boyle
    Wendy W-B
    Discussion of status for Young Professional scholarship and the       origins of the Donut Scholarship.

New Business
• Bylaws Changes
- National has decided that sections need to have compliance with national group due to liability purposes.
- We would determine as a section what kind of status we wanted to have under the USITT umbrella.
- Asked for affiliate status back to where we were when developed as a group.
- Move: -    Jean Montgomery moved that the section approve the changes to the NBS Bylaws as presented in the NBS August Newsletter in order to become in compliance with USITT's definition of an Affiliate Section.
- Dan Culhane second.
- Section members voted to approve changes with no suggestions or objections.

• New Issue – Voting by proxy – brought by Gino
 - USITT bylaws: Any member who wishes to vote on an agenda item and who cannot be present at the meeting may submit his/her vote on the question in writing  to the Secretary at least 5 days prior to the meeting.
-  The Section determined that using the National Bylaws as a model is the way to go.  A motion to amend NBS Bylaws to follow this will be presented at the March meeting in St. Louis.
-  Asked group to look at bylaws to see what we have missed when adopting the new bylaws
-  Brian – Contact information is in every newsletter

• New Issue: Marybeth – We have the lowest dues nationally.  Cost of meals are outweighing the cost of the student dues. Proposed raising the dues in the future.  Second – need to have online preregistration to help have more accurate numbers for food and attendance.
- Discussion –
- What if we raised $10 for students and $25 for individual?
- We used to bring in well-known speakers from various regions and would pay their expenses.
- We also have a weak representation from the Twin Cities schools
- Preregistration – there was a large positive response from the group and would still allow for registering on site. Will help with negotiating rates on hotels and get a block of rooms.
- Tabled until March meeting in St. Louis.

• New Membership Search Committee
- Headed by Todd Reemtsma
- Increase number of schools
- Increase interest in different speakers
- Contact regional persons
- Interested: Ricky Greenwell – (suggested that members at large be on the committee) Alicia Wold, Lisa Lantz – Luther.

• Thank you to Hamline for hosting our conference

• Announcements
- Cover the Walls
- little blue sheets of paper to members to write back feedback on work
- Ballots for scholarships rated by place
- Scholarships come from national USITT not NBS
- Schedule is up to date on the pink sheet
- Costume Rentals – Annual Guthrie/CTC costume sale next weekend Thr Fri Sat 10-4.

- Sunday –tour at CTC for those who are interested.

- Duluth Exhibit – First Folio Exhibit
    6 or 8 panels instructional panels that go with the folio
    Tour all 50 states
    Coming Oct 3 – Folio present in the Tweed museum
    Presenting several different exhibits
    Including designs from all over Minnesota in the exhibit from past       productions.
    Asking for more to be sent in from any NBS members – please send       ASAP
    Contact information can be found from the August Newsletter

• Move to Adjourn
    8:38 pm

Wrap- Up Meeting- Saturday
4:05 Saturday Sept 17

• USITT National Scholarship Winners (complimentary student registration at National Conference in March)
- Jacob Otto
- Jayme K Beerling
- Christian Ekren

• Thanks to Peter Lehrol, Hamline University Theatre

• Please, anyone who is considering hosting next year for the fall 2017 please notify Corey by the spring national USITT meeting.

• SDSU hosting 2019.

Please reach out to your friends and colleagues to help us grow our membership

See you at the USITT National Conference March 8-11, 2017! Thursday Morning at 8am at the NBS meeting.

USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo
March 8-11,  2017.   St. Louis, Missouri  
Information and Highlights                 


Time to Renew Your Membership!?

For most of us, it is time to renew our annual membership in USITT Northern Boundary Section. The annual renewal date is typically September of each year. The renewal form is located in this newsletter. Click here to access the renewal form. Contact the section treasurer if you are unsure about your renewal status (contact info on Section officer page- "Who's Minding the Store?")

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