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From the Chair

by Corey Shelsta, NBS Section Chairperson

Todd      I find myself sort of down this time of year.  And I am not alone.  All of the snow we have had, added to the cold and normally overcast days take their toll.  I have noticed this among many people I know.  Oh sure, everyone is pleasant and friendly and collegial as always, but there are so many signs that people are just tired of winter and sort of on edge.
    I think at times like this, finding something to help oneself recharge and feel uplifted (despite the seemingly endless snowfall) is definitely a thing that needs to be done.  I see posts on Facebook of friends who are still outside, enjoying running or winter activities.  Some are baking or cooking.  Some are creating paintings, learning a new song on the piano, playing board games with family, finishing that book they have been meaning to read.  All sorts of activities to take one’s mind off of Mother Nature.
    I am fortunate in that every other year over spring break I get to accompany a group of students from here at SDSU on a trip to New York City.  Of course planning a trip and traveling with 20 people causes some stress, but overall I find myself recharged each time I go on this trip.  The weather was not much warmer in New York last week – it was in the 30’s and 40’s.  And there was some snow one evening and rain on another evening.
    But what is reinvigorating for me is the opportunity to see some great shows and explore some new things.  I got to see Brian Cranston in Network.  I saw a play that literally had me on the edge of my seat, perhaps the best play I have seen in New York in many years, called The Ferryman.  And we saw one of the grandest of the grand operas, Aida, at the Metropolitan Opera.  There were 120 people on the stage at one point during the big processional as the army of Egypt returns in Act 2.  And horses!  They had horses on stage during the procession.  All that in addition to the typical opera scenery that towers over even the 54’ high proscenium opening there.  I also took in a show at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, an improv comedy venue where many famous comedians got their start.  It is hard not to feel energized when seeing such fantastic theatre and performances.

    I did non-theatrical things too.  I spent a wonderful afternoon hiking in the snow around Ft Tryon Park on the upper west side before spending several hours in The Met Cloisters museum.  It’s all medieval art.  There are some amazing pieces.  I listened to a lecture in one of the galleries about the Unicorn Tapestries and the symbolism of the unicorns and foliage depicted in the tapestries.  I spent another morning at the NY Transit Museum walking through subway cars dating back to the early 1900’s.  I’m a bit of a train geek, so anything on rails fascinates me.
    Take some time over the next few weeks to escape winter.  Even if you can’t travel somewhere, there is plenty to do at home.  Do something new. 

Do something you enjoy.  Find a way to take your mind off of all of the snow and focus on re-energizing yourself doing something you’ve always wanted to do.     [ ]