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From the Chair

by Corey Shelsta, NBS Section Chairperson

Todd     A short column this time around.  The weather is too nice to sit inside typing away!  I am enjoying some time working in my yard and just being outside.
    I’m super excited for summer theatre again!  I have heard that several companies in our region are producing this summer and I am looking forward to getting back on stage.  We are doing four shows, two straight plays and two musicals.  We are doing small cast shows, just in case.  And we have backup plans should anyone get sick.  But, for the most part it will be a normal summer.  We do still have limited seating in the theatre, so audiences may be smaller.  I have had a lot of people around the community ask me if we are producing this summer, so I think there is interest there and excitement to return to the theatre.
    My son is graduating from college next week.  I’m very proud of him and excited for what the next step will be.  We are flying out there to celebrate with him.  It will be my first trip to NYC since the pandemic began. I’m not quite sure what to expect or how different it might be.  Google maps tells me several of my favorite restaurants have closed up, which is quite sad news.  But many of the museums I enjoy are open once more.  No theatre yet, but that’s okay.  Still plenty to do.
    I had a great time at the USITT national conference a couple months ago, even if it was just me sitting in my living room.  I thought the sessions I attended were very informative and quite engaging.  I learned a lot and explored some new topics I was not familiar with.  I thought the virtual format worked really well.  Did I miss getting together with friends and colleagues face to face?  Of course.  But I still had a very positive experience from the event.
    As I always say this time of year, congratulations to all of the graduating students in the class of 2021!  I wish you all the very best for a rewarding and successful career ahead.  This is a difficult time to be job hunting in our industry, but I have no doubt it will rebound.  Hang in there and stick with it, and don’t hesitate to follow your dreams.    [ ]