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VIDEO NEWS: Little sugar shack on the Hill

By David Gonnerman '90
April 8, 2011

Rebecca Carlson '11 didn't like maple syrup when she was growing up. But once she learned about the labor-intensive process used to make it, she just had to set up her own on-campus maple syrup operation that takes place in and around her sugar shack just down the hill from Hoyme Hall.

Carlson, who completed the project using an Entrepreneurship Grant from the Center for Experiential Learning, calls community support the "gem" of her project. "Anything from helping draft blueprints for the contruction of the sugar shack to listening to me talk and obsess about maple syrup . . . I couldn't have done it without the support of the community," says the intrepid senior.

Read more on Carlson's blog, and visit her operation April 10.

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