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Jacobel joins photographer to lead discussion on glaciers

By Jessica Moes '14
September 29, 2011

St. Olaf Professor of Physics Robert Jacobel teamed with photographer Stuart Klipper to lead a discussion on both the scientific function and beauty of the glaciers of Antarctica as part of the September Beaker and Brush Discussion in St. Paul.

The monthly discussions, sponsored by the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Saint Paul Art Crawl, promote dialogue about the intersection of science and art, with each month devoted to a focused topic of interest. Speakers in both the arts and sciences are invited to speak at the event.

Jacobel's recent use of both ice-penetrating radar and satellite remote sensing to investigate ice masses was especially pertinent to the dialogue, as was his work in environmental studies at St. Olaf. He will lead a St. Olaf Study Travel program to Antarctica in January 2013 to continue discussion on these glaciers.

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