Category: Club Sports

We are a group of cycling enthusiasts of all levels and disciplines. If you like riding, you have a place here! Most of our rides are on the road, but we also spend a lot of time exploring the local mountain bike trails on and off campus! Riders of all skill levels are welcome, so we'd love to have you along on a ride whether you've just taken off your training wheels, or if you were born clutching handlebars.



  • Captain (incoming): Josh Berkesch (berkes1)
  • Training and Outreach Coordinator: Will Cheek (cheek2)
  • Captain (incoming): Lauren Kulas (kulas1)
  • Co-captain: Tommy Olson (olson5)
  • Captain: Evan Pak (pak1)
  • Advisor: Ryan Townzen (townze1)
  • Co-Captain: Ryan Zimmerman (zimmer5)

Last Updated: 8/19/19