Taiko Drumming Group

Category: Multicultural

Taiko is a form of drumming that originated in Japan. It developed from the martial arts and is a unique rhythmic experience full of energy and movement. Our club performs in various on- and off-campus functions. Please contact taiko@stolaf.edu with any questions, or visit our website for more information.

Website: http://pages.stolaf.edu/taiko/

Meetings: Fridays from 3-5pm; Sundays change each semester


  • Logistics Manager: Devin Ames (ames2)
  • PR: Alex Cavender (cavend1)
  • Public Relations: Aimi Dickel (dickel1)
  • Co-President: Claire Gagnon (gagnon1)
  • Secretary: Nic Hubig (hubig1)
  • Treasurer: Venus Su (su1)

Last Updated: 6/10/19