Chinese Culture Club

Category: Diversity Initiatives Support (DISC)

Chinese Culture Club (CCC) is the largest organization on campus that members share, learn and experience Chinese culture. We promote the awareness of diversity on campus and foster discussions about issues such as economic, social and political aspects of China. Annual events include Mid-Autumn Festival, Lunar New Year, International Night and Asia Week. Membership opens to St. Olaf community with no Chinese language requirement.


  • Treasurer: Duyen Ha (ha1)
  • Co-chair: Joy Kang (kang4)
  • Secretary: Anna Liu (liu22)
  • DISC Representative: Michelle Phung (phung1)
  • Event Coordinator: Zenthia Song (song9)
  • Co-Chair: Wei Wang (wang25)
  • Public Relations: Christina Zhen (zhen1)

Last Updated: 9/19/19