Science Alliance

Category: Volunteer Network Programs

The Science Alliance is a STEM educational outreach program bringing hands-on, exciting science materials to 3rd-5th grade students in the Northfield area. Our visits occur throughout the school year during after-school programs and through community outreach events. Sign up to volunteer on a day of the week that works for your schedule. Email us at for more information!


Meetings: Email the coordinators at for more information on volunteer opportunities that would fit with your schedule!


  • Co-Coordinator: Bashir Ali (ali2)
  • VN Coordinator: Katie DeFoe (defoe1)
  • Co-Coordinator: Jesse Elder (elder1)
  • Co-Coordinator: Paige McDermott (mcderm2)
  • Co-Coordinator, Curricula Development Team Leader: Jessica Pakonen (pakone1)
  • VN Coordinator: Becca Person (person1)
  • VN Financial Officer: Anna Quanbeck (quanbe3)

Last Updated: 5/14/19