CEGSIC Projects

Current Projects

-Subglacial Lake Whillans Research with WISSARD


Recent and Past Projects

-Traversing East Antarctica with US-ITASE-2 (2006-2010)

-Radar studies of ice dynamics at Kamb Ice Stream, Antarctica (2004-2008)

-Ice/volcano interactions on Mt. Veniaminof, Alaska (2004-2007)

-Traversing West Antarctica with US-ITASE-1 (1999-2004)

-Englacial conduit studies at Storglaciären in Sweden (2001-2003)

-South Cascade Glacier, WA

- Hydrologic studies (1980-2001)

-Three-Dimensional migration studies (1992-1995)

-The outburst flood project at Kennicott Glacier (2000-2001)

-Siple Dome ice dynamics and history (1994-1998).

-Ice velocity measurements from satellite imagery feature-tracking (1995-1999)

-Radar surveys of Ice Streams D & E (1991-1994)

-Radar surveys of the trunks and ice plains of Ice Streams B & C (1988-1991)

-Airborne radar surveys of Central Greenland (1987-1988)

-Radar studies of the surging Variegated Glacier (1983-1986)