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Integrated Curricula: Issues and Questions

"What is it about mathematicians that I don't understand?" That's the question a puzzled educator asked recently, after noting that in school after school mathematics faculty were the one group most likely to resist working with other teachers to develop integrated curricula. Does this sound familiar?

Curricular integration can take many forms, ranging from interdisciplinary projects to joint courses (e.g., mathematics for biology students), from applied algebra in a tech-prep program to a fully coordinated curriculum involving several subjects for an entire semester. This EXTEND discussion is intended to explore issues that emerge whenever mathematics joins as a partner in such endeavors.

Initial dialogue was stimulated by a colloquium discussion at the Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRSME) at San Diego State University on the role of mathematics in interdisciplinary and integrated curricula. We invite comments on the following questions and issues, which can be sent by e-mail to extend@stolaf.edu.

To add your voice to this discussion, e-mail comments, letters, and op-ed articles to: extend@stolaf.edu or click here.

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Last Update: April 17, 1997