Perspectives on Mathematics Education

EXTEND is a national Internet forum on mathematics education intended to involve new constituencies, to engage new voices, and to examine new perspectives.

Major topics will be explored through forum reports, position papers, and reader commentary:

Access | Expectations | Articulation | Integration | Numeracy

These topics are addressed from many perspectives, including those of educators and employers, business leaders and public officials. To contribute to the discussion, send e-mail to:

In addition, EXTEND provides information on innovative programs and links to important documents related to reform of mathematics education in schools, colleges, and universities.

Access. Providing access to higher mathematics for all students amidst continuing public debate about the wisdom of tracking and the role of federal, state, and local policy in enabling reform.
Expectations. Society's conflicting expectations for the goals (ends) and pedagogy (means) of school mathematics. Concerns about the relation of skills to understanding, about connections with other disciplines, and about preparation for employment.
Articulation. Creating smoother transitions between education and work, between school and college, and within sectors of higher education. Preparing teachers to facilitate these transitions and students to respond to new environments.
Integration. Opportunities and impediments for connecting mathematics with other areas of school, including integration with career and vocational academies as well as interdiscplinary projects with other subjects.
Numeracy. Diverse views on the quantitative demands of today's society and the relation of quantitative literacy to mathematics education.

Resources. Information about resources for reform of mathematics education, including direct links to other sites:

Organizations | Programs | Projects | Documents | E-Mail Lists | References

Information. Details about EXTEND, including cooperating organizations and members of the National Advisory Board.

EXTEND is supported by a grant from the Exxon Education Foundation.

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