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(Working Draft, 06/25/99)


A list of web sites related to quantitative literacy (or numeracy, as it is sometimes called). Comments, corrections, and additions are welcome by e-mail toLynn A. Steen.


Quantitative Literacy Resource Drafts



Professional Societies

Undergraduate QL Programs

Who's Counting? Jon Allen Paulos on ABC

Who's Counting? is a monthly column on quantitative literacy by John Allen Paulos that appears on ABC.com. Each column has links to related stories, problems to solve, and solutions (at the end). Site includes columns, chats, profiles, and puzzles:


Relationships by the Numbers: Who Knows Whom in Journalism.
Influencing Opinion: First Impressions Count.
Wierd Science: Wierd Ideas May Not Be So Wacky After All.
Sex, Statistically Speaking: Finding the Truth Behind the Numbers
A Tale of Two Numbers: From Y2K to PY2K.


Do You Believe the Polls?
Sampling and Superstitions.
Combining Stories and Math.

Profiles and Puzzles:

Writings of a Mathematician: Profile--John Allen Paulos
Parable of Furious Feminists: Stock Markets and Unfaithful Husbands.
The Logician's Pick-Up Line: Looking for Someone Too Logical.
The Numbers of Perception: Why Minorities Encounter More Racism.
The Law of Missing Socks: Murphy's Law Isn't Just Bad Luck.

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