The exhibition of performance space architecture as well as the site for all lecture and discussion sessions about performance space architecture were held in St. Anne’s Church/ Prague Crossroads. StAnnesThis building is a renovated 13th century church near the Center Square of Prague and across the river from the Veletržní Palace - National Gallery, where the International Competitive Exhibition was located.
     The stated goal of the PQ ‘11 Architecture Section was “to provoke architects, theatre-makers, and the public into re-thinking the potential of performance space in the new century by creating a dynamic meeting space at the PQ for presenting, representing, and discussing new ideas.”

     Active questions presented by the Architecture section during the week included:
“Is performance space new, found, recycled, old, fresh, safe, or dangerous? Is it inside, outside, traditional, or radical? Is it a purpose-built venue, a found site, a virtual world, or simply any space creatively claimed by performance?”

    The Architecture Section also housed the Theatre Architecture Competition (TAC) run every four years by the Architecture Commission of OISTAT (International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians) which is open to students and emerging designers.

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