Destinations near Prague


    There are many interesting places to visit near Prague.  Two destinations are included in the image links at the side-  Kutna Hora and Terezin.  Both are located about an hour from Prague on train or bus.
    Overview of Information about Kutna Hora:
Kutna Hora includes the country’s most spectacular cathedral, underground tours exploring a fascinating history of silver mining, and a variety of great little bars and restaurants serving fresh beer and traditional food as well as the famous “bone church”.

BoneChurch StBarbara

    Overview of Information about Terezin:
Terezín is known for is its role during WWII. Under Nazi occupation, the large fortress city became a ghetto for Jews transported from across the Reich (Austria and Germany) and the protectorate (Bohemia and Moravia). Later it also housed Jews from farther reaches including Belgium, Holland and Russia.