This exhibit included 30 interconnected “boxes” installed in an outdoor courtyard space between the National Theater and the “New BOXESStage” Theatre. Inside the boxes were scenic installations / performances including a wide variety of forms and artistic disciplines. The event included the work of scenographers, installation artists, theatre companies, video artists, fashion designers, photographers, and choreographers from all over the world. Some installations were interactive; others were only for viewing. Some were static and others followed a timeline and story, complete with lighting and sound cues. Miniatures, puppets, and full scale representations were all used in the display work.

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Entitled "Trilogy Crisis Part 1", this film/ installation/ experiment included a dozen individuals who committed to spending 2 weeks Kretakortogether full time in the abandoned former building of Rude Pravo Newspapers located in Prague. The individuals who joined the project agreed to follow the daily instructions of the project director 24/7 and created their living and working spaces in this abandoned warehouse as part of the project.

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