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Animated Introduction to the Lysosome - A short animation and lecture which introduce lysosome function and formation.

Wikipedia Lysosome Entry - A brief overview of information on the lysosome including academic sitations and some diagrams. Bear in mind that this is a Wikipedia article, and ultimately isn't concidered an academically reliable source.

UTMB Lysosome/Peroxisome Page - A nicely illustrated article with information on lysosomes, peroxisomes and the differences between them.

The Electron Microscopic Atlas - The Lysosome page from the EMA, with a wide range of E.M. images of lysosomes in various cells.

Lysosomes - An articles on lysosomes from the Molecular Expressions website.


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Here an E.M. image has been taken of a lysosome in the process of breaking down a mitochontria. (image and description provided by John Ross's website)
A diagram illustrating the anatomy of a lysosome. (image provided by Molecular Expressions website)

Relevant Animations

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An animation illustrating phagocytosis, to which the lysosome is central.

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