Elementary Bingo

There are two different versions of Elementary Bingo:

How to play Elementary Bingo:

  1. From your browser, print as many copies of the page as you need. Note that every time you click on "print" or reload the page, the page changes. It is extremely unlikely that you will ever see the same page twice. DO NOT USE A PHOTOCOPIER! Every person's card needs to be different.
  2. Print or photocopy your favorite periodic table. Cut out the squares, one for each element, and place them in a beaker. Make sure they are well scrambled.
  3. Procure some markers (small candies are fun) or allow game players to mark their cards.
  4. Distribute the cards to the players.
  5. Pull out elements from the beaker one by one, announcing the ELEMENT NAME (not the symbol).
  6. As in ordinary BINGO, players place markers or mark off cells when they have that element.
  7. The first person to get five across, five down, or five diagaonally, announces "BINGO!"
  8. It's important to check that the winner really does have the right elements. Get the winner to read the symbols and names out loud.
Bob Hanson, St. Olaf College