Comments (just after the first exam) by former students in response to the question, "What would you pass on to other students just starting organic chemistry that might help them?"

Read the appropriate material BEFORE each class session. Ask questions right away.

Make sure you have a study group to study with.

keep up with the reading and the concepts that are being taught - don't ever get behind!

study hard

Stay current with the material; once you get behind, it's really hard to understand the stuff that keeps coming. Spend time figuring out the fuzzy stuff, and use your resources.

Take good notes from the book, you are going to need it to help you study.

I would recommend that they don't let the name scare them off. Organic isn't as awful as it sounds.

Buy a model kit before class even starts. They take a while to get here. (or maybee have the bookstore sell them)

study, study, study. outline the chapters

use model kits!

Dont get behind, make sure that you read before class, otherwise, you will be way behind very quickly.

Use your help sessions, make the time to go, they are invaluable! Read the book in detail, you can't just skim over it or even not read it like you cn in some other classes. Use all your resources, especially online. Other students who have taken orgo are a great help, even if they say that they don;t remember anything. be ready to invest alot of time into the class, try to take a light load with it. Study in your free time and practice the concepts. don't get behind in reading and don;t wait till the night before to do the homework!!

don't fall asleep in class.

The professor is the most important part of the class period. Choose your professor wisely.

Practice nomenclature!

i'll let you know when i figure it out.

I don't know if I've accumulated any organic chemistry wisdom yet.