St. Olaf Web and PC Programs by Bob Hanson

for use at St. Olaf College by faculty, staff, and students

The following PC programs are available from any networked PC on campus. Under Windows 95, just click Start... Run... and enter the program name. Questions?
explorer p:\apps\register


Type this to call up a window under Windows 95 that contains all the programs. You can then drag them with the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to your desktop or start button, as you wish, for quick use. Be sure to make SHORTCUTS, not copies, of the files, as they need several helper files which are all in p:\apps\register to get the job done!
p:\apps\register\operator Find someone at St. Olaf College, U. of Mn., or about 100 other schools. Search by first or last name, email name, or alias (such as chem-dept). Partial names are allowed. For example, "hans" gets you Bob Hanson, Chris Hansen, Hans Reich, etc. Know someone named "Ira" at U of M?.... Provides a quick link to maildrop to send that person an email message. Also dials the phone if you have a modem!
p:\apps\register\maildrop A very quick and simple mail-sending program. You can also check your mail, but it wasn't really designed to be a fancy mail reading program. The chief uses of this program are for sending mail from someone elses computer under your name or sending a file directly to a person from the command line. See the Aboutmenu item for details.


This program, the full PC version of, allows quick testing of schedules, graphic printing of course time information, and, basically, a really quick way to help students look for courses.


This program, the full PC version of, allows quick checking of room use and availability at St. Olaf College. The database currently includes all regular classrooms, any spaces used by courses, and St. Olaf events arranged by Lois Wilkens.


This was the first registration-listing program I wrote. It provides a quick scan of the courses open or closed. Typing

p:\apps\register\reglist PRINT <deptno> <yearterm>

allows you to quickly print a summary of any department's current course enrollments. For example, for chemistry, 1st term 1998/1999:

p:\apps\register\reglist PRINT 08 19981

Note that 19982 is interim, 19983 is spring. This program goes back to about 1995.

Alternatively, for just the term of interest to current registration, you can use and enter a department abbreviation (chem, bio, etc.) or two-digit department code (08, 06, etc.)

p:\apps\register\quickurl This program allows you to do sophisticated file transfers between computers (not necessarily even the one you are sitting at). To use it properly, you should install it on your PC from my FTP site. I use it extensively to update my website on a routine basis. For example, you can type from the DOS prompt or from Start... Run... (this is all really on one line):

p:\apps\register\quickurl put test.htm to

and it will happen! (You'll be prompted for your password.)