Welcome to Bob Hanson's personal page for searching the public Class and Lab schedule. No SIS login is necessary. This page uses only public data. Note the registrar's note there that the information found here is subject to change. No guarantee whatsoever is made here that this information is any more or less accurate and timely than the information at that page. Use at your own risk. -- Bob Hanson.

After getting the course data, just enter some part of a person's name, a class name, a department abbreviation, etc.

You can use simple combinations of and or or (but not both). The search is not case-sensitive if you use all lower-case letters. However, if you use any capital letters for a term, then the search will be case-sensitive. So, for example, BIO will not retrieve Biochemistry, but bio or Bio will. In addition, you can specify a field name using xxx=... where xxx is one of: coursenumber, coursename, coursesection, coursestatus ("C" or "O"), credits, dept (e.g. CHEM), gereqs, instructor, canceled ("true" or "false"), notes, pn (i.e. pass/nopass: "Y" or "N"), room, time. For example, meetinglocation=RNS 316. In this context, "=" means "matches" (not necessarily literally "equals"). For example, room=RNS 316 (a specific room) or room=RNS 3 and dept=chem (RNS third-floor chem courses).

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Why use this page?

  • It's fast, and it works. (Please do let me know if it doesn't work with your browser. I'll fix it.)
  • You can search all departments.
  • You can search for any text, including times and rooms.
  • You can use and and or in searches -- for example, 0905 and WRI or 0905 and RNS 390.
  • You can display the course times in a graphic way.
  • It's a work in progress. If there is anything you don't see here that you want, there's a good chance that if you ask me and I agree that it is something others could use, I might be able to add it in a day or so.

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To create a schedule, indicate a title and add information such as "MWF 9-10 Organic_Chemistry (Sc378)" (one item per line). Then click on "Display" and save the file as the name of the page you want to put on the server. Alternatively, you can click on "Show HTML" to see the code that makes your schedule. In that case, you can use cut and paste to put the HTML code into some other document. If you want to save this information so that next time you load this page it reappears, click "Save Cookie."

Questions? Ask Bob Hanson.

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