Spanish Notes

These are just some links that track some of my thoughts as I take Spanish 111/112/231/232. Look, I have to organize things, OK? Sort of a Spanish-Adventure blog, I guess. -- Bob Hanson

Pages I have created myself

Irregular Verb Lists.

These lists incorporate all 92 irregular conjugations in Spanish as listed in my VOX dictionary. I do believe this works! How this was done.

Present Tense: Spanish 111Selected present indicative irregularities.
Past Tense: Spanish 112Selected past indicative irregularities.
Present Tense: The full listExamples from all of the verb models that are different in the present indicative grouped by type of Irregularity.
Also available sorted alphabetically or by model number
Past Tense: The full listAll irregular preterite models are here, sorted into groups.
Also available sorted alphabetically or by model number
Look up an InfinitiveOver 300 verbs. Feel free to suggest more.
Verb DefinitionsSelected definitions of selected verbs (mostly irregular).
Spanish Quizzes. Different every time!

These quizzes cover a variety of topics that I needed to learn for Spanish 111, 112, and 231. They imploy the conjugation information in the above lists and add to that an algorithmic way of mixing and matching subjects, verbs, and objects in creative ways.

feedback appreciated!

Number QuizPractice writing out numbers.
Nationalities Quiz
Quiz yourself on the names of countries, nationalities, and languages of the world.
Country/City Quiz
Quiz yourself on the locations of cities in Central and South America.
Ser/Estar QuizA quiz on the use of ser and estar.
Indirect Object QuizQuiz yourself on indirect objects.
111 Irregular Verb QuizQuiz yourself on the present-tense irregular verbs from Spanish 111.
112 Irregular Verb QuizQuiz yourself on the present-tense irregular verbs from Spanish 112.
Irr. Preterite Verb Quiz
Quiz yourself on the past-tense irregular verbs from Spanish 112.
Subjunctive Verb QuizQuiz yourself on the use of the subjunctive for Spanish 231.
¿Dónde está? Just a diagram I made to help me remember where I put things.
palabras utílesWords that help the flow of ideas. What do you really call these? conjunciones frases de transición
Vocabulario 231/232Words I am trying to learn.
nacionalidadesNationalities organized. This was driving me nuts!
GlossaryA searchable on-line glossary based on the book I used in Spanish 111 and 112, Dos Mundos (el libro) Dos mundos: En breve
saber/deber/necesito/etc. A table I'm using to help organize my thoughts around "verb+infinitive" combinations.

Pages I strongly recommend

BBC RadioMundoListen to the BBC in Spanish -- slow it down with the PC programWavEdit.exe
Practica Español A rich resource from the Fundación de la Lengua Española and the Instituto Cervantes. This site includes many fabulous activities for Spanish language learners. I recommend it highly! Rapid-fire spoken Spanish news with translation. From Valladolid, Spain. Click on the link, not the audio slider to here the story read out loud.
A-level practice (Spanish 111-232)
B-level practice (advanced practice)
C-level practice (really advanced practice)
Radio Lingua Network
linguee es la combinación única de un diccionario y un buscador que te permite buscar palabras y expresiones en miles de millones de textos bilingües. Give this site a word or phrase in English or Spanish, and it will return dozens of sentences in Spanish along with its direct translation into English containing that word or phrase. The interesting thing is that these are all actual professional translations, with links to actual sources, primarily from official European Union or UN documents. It is really incredible!
diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española This is the "Oxford Dictionary" of the Spanish language from the institution that claims the royal right to define the Spanish language. Not in translation!
DuoLingoChallenge yourself to improve your skills. Somewhat limited vocabulary and range of exercises, but the positive reward system is great. Covers pretty much all the grammar presented in four college semesters of Spanish. Somewhat annoying that it has to be done strictly linearly.

Spanish Web Portals

Spanish TV/radio

BBC Mundo BBC news in Spanish
TVE a la carta Spain's iPlayer from RTVE
TV Pública, Argentina
Bolivia tv, RTP Bolivia, Red ATB
TVN, Chile
Señal Colombia
Teletica, Costa Rica
Televisión Cubana and its iPlayer: teveo
República Dominicana TV
rtv ge int, Guinea Ecuatorial

Congreso TV, Honduras
Ecuador TV
Once TV México
Viva Nicaragua Canal 13
TVN Panamá
TV Pública Paraguay
TNU, Uruguay
Venezolana de Televisión

More pages that might interest you

News in Slow Spanish (just bits - very expensive subscription required for more)
Instituto Cervantes Spanish Level Testmost certainly the hardest Spanish test you will ever take -- if you can make it through it!
Spanish Institute of Puebla (Mexico)
Self-Check Exercises from Ursinus CollegeStatic, but covering quite a range of topics, including: Adjectives Art Conjunctions Literature Numbers Object Pronouns Por/Para Relative Pronouns Syntax Verbs Videos Vocabulary
la cocina y comida recetas: sopa de choclos pasteles de chocolate
An interesting linguistic comparison: Two menus for HIV patients taking Nelfinavir, both from Roche Pharmaceuticals, one in Spanish (source) and one in English (source)
pretérito y imperfecto descripciónes y ejercicios
imperfect/preterite meaning changes -- many good examples
About Spanish I really like this site! Some of the pages I've found useful include: