WavEdit is a little program I wrote that just changes the timing information for a WAV file so that it plays back at a different speed. I use the program EasyHi-Q Recorder (Roemer Software) to record BBC RadioMundo off the web as a WAV file, putting it in C:\temp. Then I use WaveEdit to change the timing and play it back more slowly. You can just drag a WAV file to this form if you want, or you can type the input file name. I use the free version of RealPlayer for playback of WAV files.

(listen to an example from BBC Ciencia: full speed and 85% speed)

Download WavEdit.exe (VERY basic.)

Easy Hi-Q

This program costs $26; I can't vouch for the company other than to say it seems to work. The following settings seem to be fine for the news: 11025 Hz - 8 Bit - Mono.

Download Easy Hi-Q Recorder