Sudoku Assistant -- 10000 Method Examples

This site gives over 10000 Sudoku examples, illustrating a wide variety of methods. Select a method code to see the examples, then click on its link to load a puzzle into Sudoku Assistant. Or click on the method's name to see an explanation.

Llocked candidates
Sn2naked pairs
Sn3naked triples
Sn4naked quartets
Sh2hidden pairs
Sh3hidden triples
Sh4hidden quartets
A1wsingly-linked almost-locked sets
A1mdoubly-linked almost-locked sets
A1sgrid-based almost-locked sets(sashimi)
Msstrong 3D Medusa chains
Mwweakly linked 3D Medusa chains
A23D Medusa with almost-locked sets
PHypothesis and Proof
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