Gnommish Two-Way Translator

In the book Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer, the fairy language Gnommish is introduced.

An interesting aspect of this language is the special consideration given to the letter E, which is a squiggle () and generally appears below the previous letter in a word (as in very). If there is no previous letter, as in easy, then the squiggle appears over the next letter. Two Es in a row are written as a double "undersquiggle" as in street.

We found the Artemis Fowl's Gnommish Font Page, which allows one to download a True-Type Gnommish font. With this, we could write in Gnommish using Microsoft Word. But the problem was, there didn't seem to be any simple way to do the Es properly.

Being JavaScript buffs, we thought it would be fun (and more accessible) to code a two-way translator in JavaScript. The page uses an image map with onmouseover, onmouseout, and onclick events to allow translation from Gnommish to English. For the translation from English to Gnommish, we use HTML TABLE tags and the handy capability of the IMG tag to stretch or compress an image such as or automatically.

Thus we have the very handy page:

Bob and Ira Hanson

Thanks are given to the maker of the Artemis Fowl's Gnommish Font page for the font used here.
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