Goals for Linear Algebra
Fall 2015

Hey, the main goals are twofold -- have a little fun and learn a little stuff. And I'm dead serious about this!! If we don't accomplish both of these I won't be satisfied with the term and I imagine you won't be either. But I'm confident too. Linear Algebra is one great course.

That said, I plan we'll get to "solutions of systems of linear differential equations," Section 6.6 and get an extra worksheet or two on these problems. This stuff is just your standard run of the mill math-miracle and is still among the most widely applied mathematical techniques. Thereafter and if we have time, we'll continue to the first several sections of Chapter 7 or 8. Here is a list of the sections we'll target this term.

We have our work cut out for us to get there though. I'm looking forward, it should be fun.