Real Analysis I
Math 344

Fall 2015- The Humke Version


Here is a list of the first few weekly assignments for the course.

These assigned problems are not merely exercises, but require much more thinking and explanation/proof. Each assignment will consist of a few problems, a list of definitions and a list of high priority theorems. First, get yourself a group of size a group of size 3 + ε where -1.01 < ε < 1.05. Here's what I'd like:

Every group will want to present several solutions in class during the course of the term. I'll set aside time on Thursdays for solution presentation and ask for volunteers, giving preference to groups that haven't presented in a while. BUT, if you have a really cool proof make sure to let me know and insist on board time!

After your group presents a solution, put the source code in our Class Folder titled with "problem_number.tex." I'll ask groups o post their theorems/proofs and also to add to an ever growing list of definitions. .

Some problems come with a price on their head; If you solve one of these the "reward" is a Proastie-Toastie redeemable for a liquid refreshment (or ice cream). To date, Proastie-Toasties have been redeemed in 11 states and 5 foreign countries.