Real Analysis I
Math 344

Fall 2015- The Humke Version

Problem, Definition and Theorem Lists

I'd like you to maintain two active lists during the course. Both lists should be written in LaTeX and maintained on your laptop electronically. I'll ask folks to add their lists to our class folder each week, but everyone should feel free to add a definition or theorem statement when you find one missing.

  1. Definition List

    I'd like you to keep a complete, dictionary (ie. an alphabetized list) of the definitions we learn in the course. Check out on Wikipedia or Math World to look up any definitions not in the book. Here is a LaTeX template for definitions.

  2. Theorem List

    I'd also like you to keep a separate, analogously formatted list of all theorems. This list should also be organized by chapter and you could use the books theorem numbers for your list. Here is a LaTeX template for theorems.

These lists should should be in written in LaTeX, organized by chapter and updated frequently in our class folder and on your laptop.

Finally, I'd like you to maintain a list of all Problem Solutions from the class. This will also be maintained in our Class folder (I hope!). Make a "Problems" directory (or folder) inside the Math344 folder you'll make on your laptop. Inside that Problems folder create a subfolder for each week. Sooo, a Math344/Problems/Week1 folder and a Math344/Problems/Week2 folder etc. The LaTeX source code for solutions should be put in those Weekly folders.

Here is a LaTeX template for problem with their solutions.