Graduate Schools in Mathematics
The following is the 1998 US News and World Report's list of the top graduate programs in mathematics in the United States. The rankings are not too far off the mark today for programs in pure mathematics. You can click on a university name to get to its math department's website. On the right, there is information on the number of Ph.D.'s granted in 1999 and 2000 in P = pure mathematics, A = applied mathematics, S = statistics, B = biostatistics. F - 1 means refer to Footnote 1 below. PA31,S13,F-7 means that there were 31 Ph.D.'s in pure and applied mathematics and 13 in statistics and see Footnote 7. This information is from Notices of the American Mathematical Society. We are not certain if the listing of programs is complete for each university; if in doubt, check the university's website.

There is a publication called "Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships in the Mathematical Sciences" which gives a breakdown for the past three years, by program, of how many Ph.D.'s were granted in applied math, algebra and number theory, biostatistics, discrete math and combinatorics, geometry and topology, logic, linear and nonlinear optimization, numerical analysis, probability, real and complex analysis, and statistics. There is more in this document, including information about teaching assistantships, fellowships, etc. There is one in the department office.

Rank/School Ph.D. #'s and footnotes.
1. Harvard University (MA) P24,A7,B23 
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology  PAS31,F-1 
1. Princeton University (NJ) P9,A4 
1. University of California--Berkeley  PA52,S10,B6,F-2 
5. Stanford University (CA)  P20,A4,S1,B1,F-3 
6. University of Chicago PSA34,F-4 
6. Yale University (CT) PA11,S6,B1,F-5 
8. California Institute of Technology  P9,A9 
9. New York University  A33,S4 
9. University of Michigan--Ann Arbor  PA32,S10,B13 
11. Columbia University (NY) P14,S9,B3 
12. Cornell University (NY) P20,A10,S2 
12. University of California--Los Angeles  PA35,F-6 
12. University of Wisconsin--Madison  PA31,S13,F-7 
15. University of Minnesota--Twin Cities  PA27,S12,B3,F-8 
16. Brown University (RI) PS12,A15,F-9 
16. Rutgers--New Brunswick (NJ) PA20,S6 
16. University of Texas--Austin  P16,A3 
19. SUNY--Stony Brook P13,AS15 
19. University of California--San Diego  P24,F-10 
19. University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign  P36,S3,F-11 
19. University of Maryland--College Park  PA42,S12 
19. University of Pennsylvania  P13,S3 
24. Northwestern University (IL) P7,F-12 
24. Purdue University--West Lafayette (IN) PA22,S8 
24. University of Washington  P15,A5,S13,B9,F-13 
27. Johns Hopkins University (MD) P7,A10,B13 
28. CUNY Grad Sch. & U. Center (NY) PA17 
28. Duke University (NC) PA7,S10 
28. Indiana University--Bloomington  PAS20,F-14 
28. Penn State University--University Park PA15,S14 
28. Rice University (TX) P5,A8,S2 
33. Brandeis University (MA) P9 
33. Carnegie Mellon University (PA) A12,S3 
33. Ohio State University PA28,S10,F-15 
33. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill P11,B13,S4 
33. University of Utah P6,F-16 
38. University of Illinois--Chicago PS16 
38. Washington University (MO) P11,A14,F-17 
40. University of Virginia P8,A2,S4 
41. Georgia Tech PA11 
41. Michigan State University PA17,S8,F-18 
41. University of Notre Dame (IN) PA11 
44. University of Arizona PS12,A15 
44. University of California--Santa Barbara PA8,S6,F-19 
44. University of Colorado--Boulder P13,A5 
44. University of Southern California PA6 
48. Boston University PS11 
48. Dartmouth College (NH) P8,F-20 
48. Texas A&M University PA13,S15 
48. University of California--Irvine PA6 
48. University of Georgia PA10,S5 
48. University of Iowa P14,A2,S6,B5 
48. University of Oregon P11,S4,F-21