Why Math?
Last week, a friend of a student was visiting on campus. She told me that although she really liked math, she had never really considered being a math major. Her reason astounded me. She had been told by her father, a mathematics professor at a state university, that math was worthwhile preparation only for a teaching career! In the lingo of our times, that is SO NOT TRUE!

Unfortunately, though, it is an impression shared by all too many students. They just don't realize that in addition to being an absolutely fascinating and captivating subject, math is also excellent preparation for a large number of career paths, for a wide range of job titles other than "mathematician."

The MAA has done a good deal over the years to publicize the broad range of career opportunities awaiting those with mathematical training, including publishing some very popular books (101 Careers in Mathematics, and She Does Math). But in this electronic age, we can all benefit from the efforts of thoughtful colleagues around the country to explain the attractions and benefits of studying our subject. Here is a sampling of web sites that I turned up recently:

  1. Take This Math Job and Love It (MiraCosta College)

  2. Math Careers (Cal State Fullerton)

  3. Why major in Mathematics? (University of Georgia)

  4. Mathematics Job Opportunities? (University of Georgia)

    In addition, the following pages may be of interest:

  5. MAA Online review of 101 Careers in Mathematics

  6. MAA Online review of She Does Math

  7. MAA Online review of Great Jobs For Math Majors

  8. Career Profiles (Part of the AMS-MAA-SIAM Mathematical Sciences Career Information Project)

  9. 5 Unique Careers in Mathematics