Below is a list of pieces by Timothy Mahr and the corresponding CDs on which they can be found, as well as mp3 excerpts* from a select few.

CDs still available for sale to the public can be found at these locations: St. Olaf Records, Shattinger Music, Mark Records, and West Coast Music.

*NOTE: you must have an mp3 compatible player, such as QuickTime, installed to listen to the excerpts.


The Music of Timothy Mahr: University of New Hampshire Wind Symphony
Hey! - mp3
The View from the Mountaintop - mp3
sol solator
Imprints - mp3:1, mp3:2
Daydream - mp3
Hymn and Celebration - mp3:1, mp3:2
The Soaring Hawk
Everyday Hero - mp3

Transformations: The St. Olaf Band
Mourning Dances - mp3:1, mp3:2, mp3:3

Dreams & Visions: The St. Olaf Band
Immigrant Dreams - mp3

In Concert: The St. Olaf Band
sol solator - mp3

Praise the Lord with Drums and Cymbals: The St. Olaf Band
Fantasia in G - mp3:1, mp3:2
Thanksgiving Meditation

Celebrating the Classics: The St. Olaf Band
The Soaring Hawk - mp3:1, mp3:2

A Musical Observance: The St. Olaf Band
Endurance - mp3:1, mp3:2

On Tour: The St. Olaf Band
Passages - mp3:1, mp3:2

American Premieres: The United States Air Force Band
Into the Air! - mp3:1, mp3:2

IUP Bands of 2001
CD cover Endurance
Hymn & Celebration
They Sing of Love - mp3:1, mp3:2

Centennial Celebration: Michigan State University Wind Symphony
A Quiet Place to Think - mp3

Centennial Concert: Woodward Academy
Lines from Lanier - mp3

In Circles: Fond du Lac High School
In Circles - mp3

St. Olaf Band
Fanfare and Grand March - mp3

New Band Music '94: Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra

First Flight: The United States Air Force Band of the Golden West
The Soaring Hawk

WASBE Ninth Conference 1999: The United States Air Force Band
Into the Air! - premiere

Midwest Clinic 2000: U.S. Air Force Band
Into the Air!

Music Knows No Borders: The Band of United States Air Forces in Europe

Celebrating 20 Years: Minnesota Symphonic Winds
Fantasia in G

Songs of Abelard: The Keystone Wind Ensemble
Fantasia in G

Reflections: Rutgers Wind Ensemble
The Soaring Hawk

ABA Convention 2003: University of Maryland Wind Ensemble
Noble Element

Live: University of New Hampshire Wind Symphony

Taiwan, R.O.C. Tour 1998: Oregon State Univesity Symphonic Concert Band
Fantasia in G

Music for Winds and Percussion, Vol. 4: Northern Illinois University Wind Ensemble
Fantasia in G

Mourning Dances: Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma National Intercollegiate Band
CD cover Mourning Dances

Equus! - UNC-G Wind Ensemble
Into the Air!

begian!: UNC-G Wind Ensemble
The Soaring Hawk

sforzando!: UNC-G Wind Ensemble
Fantasia in G

Collage: University of Florida Wind Ensemble
The Soaring Hawk

Teaching Music through Performance in Band: North Texas Wind Symphony

ABA Convention 2001: CSU Fresno Wind Ensemble
CD cover A Quiet Place to Think

2000 St. Olaf Christmas Festival: He Comes to Us
CD cover All Hail the Lord's Annointed

1999 St. Olaf Christmas Festival: Immanuel Our Hope Forevermore
Hark! A Thrilling Voice (arr.)

A Crescent Still Abides: Atsugi Nishi HS Wind Symphony
The Soaring Hawk

A Child's Garden of Dreams: Atsugi Nishi HS Wind Symphony
sol solator

1st Annual Concert: Atsugi Nishi Wind Symphony
CD cover Noble Element

Sol Solator: New Trier High School Wind Ensemble
sol solator

Midwest Clinic 1992: James Madison HS Symphonic Band
The Soaring Hawk

Midwest Clinic 1999: Lawrence D. Bell HS Symphony Band
A Quiet Place to Think

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Dr. Timothy Mahr, Professor of Music, Conductor of the St. Olaf Band
Music Department, St. Olaf College, 1520 St. Olaf Avenue, Northfield, MN 55057

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