Matengo Folk Tales

"Matengo Folktales is an excellent, inexpensive, and reliable collection of tales told in an oral context. I have ordered it myself for a course in African oral literature. Casual and serious readers will benefit from what the book has to offer. Mbele's approachable and concise style of commentary is informative and convincing. This deceptively modest work is an admirable contribution to the literature on African oral narrative traditions."

 Professor Robert Cancel, The Literary Griot.

"The tales themselves are entertaining.... Mbele's commentaries, many of which are longer than the tales they discuss, analyze literary devices such as conflict, characterization, and theme to produce close readings that would please any literature teacher."

Professor Cynthia Ward, Marvels and Tales.

"We were pleased to read Matengo Folktales.….In summary, we feel that Matengo Folktales is a useful reading in teacher education courses, as well as in K-12 classrooms. It can also be used as an introduction to oral storytelling in African, as well as other, cultural contexts."

Professors N. Kagendo Mutua and Beth Blue Swadener, Multicultural Perspectives.

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