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Charles F. Priore, Jr.

Associate Science Librarian for Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges

Bon giorno!. As you can see from my title, I am the Science Librarian at both campuses. By the way, feel free to call me "Charlie."

My responsibilities, in addition to the administration of the Hustad Science Library, include:

    Library instruction, often referred to as bibliographic instruction, or simply B.I. This is the education of faculty and students in learning the latest technologies in the sciences.

    Collection development, which is a fancy way of saying I purchase books and other appropriate materials.

    Reference assistance in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and psychology.

    EndNote assistance. Want to create bibliographies in just seconds? Make an appointment with me, and you will learn this powerful software in less time than it takes to type a bibliography.


As you can imagine, the "digital age" is making this one of the most exciting times of this century. Along with these changes come many questions.

My door(s) are always open. Feel free to contact me:

**in person at my office (Regents 160 A)

**by phone: (507) 786-3099 St. Olaf OR (507) 222-4415 Carleton

**by e-mail: priore@stolaf.edu

**by e-mail: cpriore@carleton.edu

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