______ Appeal form for course assignments and grading (CS 273 (OS), Fall 2019)

Appeal form for course assignments and grading

CS 273 (OS), Fall 2019

Please use this form to request a reconsideration of a course assignment, grade, or other unresolved issue.

  • Please attempt to resolve the issue through usual channels (e.g., os-graders@stolaf.edu or other emails) beforehand, if possible.

  • The purpose of this form is to gather all unresolved issues in a single location, so please fill out this form even if you have already reported the issue elsewhere.

  • Please do fill out the form for unresolved issues even if you haven't tried to resolve them before, or even if they might still become resolved (but you haven't seen the resolution yet).

  • If you have multiple issues for reconsideration, you can submit the form multiple times.

  • The comments on this form will be treated confidentially.

  1. * Your name:

  2. * Please select a category that best fits this request:
       † If you selected a category with the † mark, please elaborate on your choice of category below:

  3. * Please identify the specific assignment(s) or item(s) to be reconsidered.
    Examples: "hw7"; "hw 3-6"; "last week of project 2"

  4. 5-digit form submission ID numbers, if relevant and available:

  5. * What change would you like to see?
    Examples: "full credit on lab 2"; "full credit on hw3 and missing only part B of hw4"

  6. * Please provide rationale for your request.

  7. Other comments?