Matthew Richey

B.A. Kenyon College, Mathematics and Physics, 1981
M.A. Dartmouth College, Mathematics, 1983
Ph.D. Dartmouth College, Mathematics, 1985
Thesis: Symmetries of the Z,n Baxter Model.
Advisor: C.A. Tracy

Matthew Richey came to St. Olaf College in 1986. He is currently a Professor of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science and the Associate Dean for the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics. Trained in mathematical physics, his current research interests focus primarily on computational applied mathematics. He is a PI on two National Science Foundation funded projects

Matt has served on numerous National Science Foundation review panels and has particpated in numerous program reviews for mathematics departments. Since 2005 he has been a member of SciMathMN, a non-profit, statewide education and business coalition advocating for quality K-12 science, mathematics and technology education.

Since arriving at St. Olaf, Matt has taught courses in pure and applied mathematics, computer science and statistics. He has supervised undergraduate research projects in a variety of areas, including neural networks, statistical modeling, and (his favorite) the mathematics of baseball. When not working, Matt enjoys music, reading, movies, sports of all kinds, and running. He is the father of two children--Gabriel (age 17) who will soon graduate from the Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf and Marianna (age 22) who is currently a student at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C.