Michael Sjulstad
Network Engineer
Instructional and Informational Technologies Dept.

St. Olaf College Northfield, MN

Michael is responsible for overseeing Data Communications Network
design and maintenance. The St. Olaf data network consists of
Switched Gigabit, 100Megabit and 10Megabit
Ethernet over fiber and copper with 50-VLANs to over 75 locations.
We run multiple protocol connectivity with over 4000 nodes.
We also utilize five T-1's for Internet access.

In addition, he also designs, builds, and
researches electronic circuits, equipment, and systems.
As a staff member and engineer for the Academic Computing,
he also assists other staff and departments with electronic
engineering and computing projects, repairs, training and consulting.


Outside of work my hobbies include:
PLAYING GUITAR           In a Rockin' Blues Band called 2ndExit.
DRIVING FAST CARS      Firebirds/Camaro's, I drive the Firebird! F-Bodies
BUILDING HOUSES         just finishing my third one.

My wedding!!! October 31, 1900.....? Well not really!!


DeadWed '99... ask me about it!

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