Paul Zorn

Past President, Mathematical Association of America

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
St. Olaf College
1520 St. Olaf Avenue
Northfield, Minnesota 55057-1098

Phone: 507-786-3414
Fax: 507-786-3116
Email: zorn@stolaf.edu
Office: Regents Hall of Mathematical Sciences 508

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Papers and essays on calculus and other undergraduate mathematical topics

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Using LaTeX

Here is a short, simple, primer on using LaTeX --- the gold standard for mathematical word processing.

My professional hero

I wish I were like this guy, from the Canterbury Tales :

A CLERK ther was of Oxenford also,
That unto logyk hadde longe ygo.
As leene was his hors as is a rake,
And he was nat right fat, I undertake,

But looked holwe and therto sobrely.
Ful thredbare was his overeste courtepy;
For he hadde geten hym yet no benefice,
Ne was so worldly for to have office.

For hym was levere have at his beddes heed
Twenty bookes, clad in blak or reed,
Of Aristotle and his philosophie,
Than robes riche, or fithele, or gay sautrie.
But al be that he was a philosophre,

Yet hadde he but litel gold in cofre;
But al that he myghte of his freendes hente,
On bookes and on lernynge he it spente,
And bisily gan for the soules preye
Of hem that yaf hym wherwith to scoleye.

Of studie took he moost cure and moost heede.
Noght o word spak he moore than was neede,
And that was seyd in forme and reverence,
And short and quyk, and ful of hy sentence;
Sownynge in moral vertu was his speche,
And gladly wolde he lerne, and gladly teche.