Ancient Greek Placement Survey

Χαῖρε! Welcome to St. Olaf!

Who should complete this survey?
Any incoming student who has studied ancient Greek (Homeric, classical, koine) in the past and wishes to continue at St. Olaf.

International students: If you are coming from a country where English is not the primary language of high school instruction you do not need to complete a language placement. Please talk to the registrar for next steps.

What will the result tell me?
Once finished, you will receive a Greek placement recommendation. This will be the Greek course that we advise you to take if you decide to continue studying Greek at St. Olaf. We usually recommend either Greek 231 (Intermediate Greek), which is a prerequisite for all higher-numbered Greek courses, or Greek 111 (Beginning Greek I). Both of those courses are offered in the fall semester. Successful completion of Greek 231 satisfies St. Olaf’s WLC requirement. If you discover right away that the course is too challenging or too easy for you, just speak with your professor, who will advise you about switching to a lower or a higher level.

What should I do if I have taken the IB Higher Level Greek (Classical Languages) Exam?
You should still complete this survey. The score that you receive on the IB Greek Exam does not determine your placement, but if that score is high enough (HL 5-7), you will be awarded one elective course credit retroactively, after you have successfully completed Greek 231.