A native New Englander, Rich graduated from Boston College and received his Ph.D. from Indiana University. During 1984-86 he worked as an intelligent geometry tutor in the artificial intelligence research group at IRISA in Rennes, France. His professional interests subsequently expanded to include use of computer geometry systems in schools both in this country and in France. During 1991-92 and again during 1998-99, he returned to France, to IMAG in Grenoble, to continues his research collaboration on intelligent geometry systems and to participate in interdisciplinary research on the cognitive effects of the use of such systems. His interests have further evolved to include the geometry of Islamic patterns and bioinformatics.His wife, Wendy, is professor of French at St. Olaf. His son, Joshua, and his daughter, Sarah, both graduated from another Northfield college. Since 2000 he has developed an expertise in the geometry of Islamic patterns. Rich and Wendy led the Term in the Middle East in 2001-02 and the Global Semester in 2005-06 and again in 2008-09.