Area: Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, southern Minnesota, and Transfer Students 

Originally from Houston, Gladys decided to trade the hot Texas sun for an all-season and all-inclusive Northfield, MN. She graduated from Carleton College with the Class of 2019. She majored in sociology and anthropology and minored in women's and gender studies.  

At Carleton, Gladys was involved both on campus and in the greater Northfield community. She was a part of the TRIO program at Carleton and enjoyed connecting with both students and staff. She was involved in a local church and co-founded an on-campus college ministry group to provide a space for students to share their faith in a welcoming and supportive environment. She loved spending time running and taking long walks in the arboretum and felt like a winner when she convinced her friends to come along.  
A transformative experience for Gladys took place her sophomore winter. After only taking STEM courses for a year and a half but she jumped into something different...anthropology! She discovered her passion for the social sciences and never looked back! She was grateful to have the opportunity to explore a lot of courses and remain on track to graduate in four years. It was the moment where she fell in love with the liberal arts (and is why she also loves her new home on the hill at St. Olaf!). 

Gladys enjoys and values her work in admissions because she has the opportunity to serve prospective students and families embarking on a really exciting journey. She enjoys being a part of the St. Olaf community because the heart, mission and values of the institution are student-centered. Gladys loves St. Olaf because it is a place that celebrates everything that makes you, YOU! She loves the transformative experience a liberal arts education offers and believes in a learning experience where students are nourished to continuously grow and become informed, intelligent and compassionate global citizens.

Favorite place on campus? Holland Hall, because "that would have been my home if I were an Ole!" Gladys loves the studying nooks, and beautiful classrooms that are located in St. Olaf's incredible social sciences building.