I teach many courses in the mathematics curriculum, from those for non-majors to graduate school preparatory courses and lots of things in between. Whether you are a committed mathematician or someone who simply knows that mathematics provides a good foundation for almost any discipline, you are welcome into the Math program and into my courses.

I am deeply committed to providing research experiences in mathematics for St. Olaf students (who wouldn’t want to conjecture and then prove a theorem that no one else in the world has ever done?!) and often teach our Directed Undergraduate Research course (Math 396). Student research projects tend to have at least a tangential relationship to my own scholarship that focuses on the structure of certain kinds of groups. Ask me more sometime.

Away from St. Olaf I love to be in nature, especially camping, hiking, or boating and swimming at “the cabin” up in central Minnesota (on the best lake in the state, Big Trout).

To find out further information, please visit my personal website