I am a scholar of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. I am interested in all aspects of ancient philosophy, but my primary research interests lie in issues related to the self and consciousness in late ancient philosophy. Cambridge University Press published my book Plotinus on Consciousness in Spring 2018.  Initial reviews can be found in the Bryn Mawr Classical Review and in the Notre Dame Philosophical Review.  I am currently working on two projects pertaining to Plotinus' ontology, an article on the composition of sensible particulars and one on the perisistence of sensible particulars.

Additionally I am interested in classical Indian and Chinese philosophy. I am developing a new course to be taught in Spring 2020 entitled Confucius, Buddha, and Socrates that brings together my teaching interests in both Western and Eastern philosophy. When I am not philosophizing at my desk or in the classroom, I am philosophizing on the mat during judo practice.

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