At St. Olaf College since 1987
Ph.D., Economics, Duke University
M.S., Biology, University of Minnesota
A.B., Biology and Music, Smith College

Professor Judge is interested in ways economics can inform environmental decision-making, and how environmental constraints might inform economics. She has published research and presented papers on the economics of endangered species preservation, municipal recycling programs, and willingness-to-pay for environmental amenities. Additionally, Rebecca's research interests have expanded to include other areas of the economy where a free, unfettered market might fail to bring about the most efficient or desirable result.

Teaching in Environmental Studies & Economics: Environmental Economics, Environmental Policy & Regulation, Economics of Public Policy, Quantitative Methods, Principles

Research Areas: Environmental Economics, Environmental Justice, International Agricultural Economics, History of Thought

Recent Publications and Activities:

  • An Agrarian Proposal: New England Agrarianism in Service of the Common Good. With Charles Taliaferro.  Cascade Press.  2022.  In press.
  • “Evidence of Distortionary Effects of Decoupled Payments in U.S.Indica Rice Production,” with Anthony Becker. Atlantic Economic Journal 42(3), September, 2014., pp. 265-275.
  • “Motivating Recycling: A Marginal Cost Analysis,” in Thomas C. Kinnaman, ed., The Economics of Residential Solid Waste Management. Ashgate Publishing Limited, London. 2003. With Anthony Becker.
  • “U.S. Farm Subsidies and Rice Production in Costa Rica,” Proceedings of the Minnesota Academy of Sciences, 2003. With Anthony Becker.
  • “Restoring the Commons: Toward a New Interpretation of Locke’s Theory of Property,” Land Economics, August 2002, pp. 331-338.
  • “Privileging Boundaries: Property Rights and Sustainability.” Nobel Peace Prize Forum, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. March 2001. With Charles Taliaferro.
  • “The Distribution of Environmental Disamenities in Minnesota: The Perspectives of Environmental Justice.” Environmental Studies Faculty Seminar Series, Carleton College, Northfield, MN. February 2000.