Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator:

I worked in student affairs administration at St. Olaf since 1991.  In 2022 I changed roles and began serving as Title IX and Section 504 Coordinator.   In my previous role serving as the college’s conduct officer I provided informational assistance to students involved in cases of sexual harassment and misconduct, and both conducted and adjudicated investigations of sexual misconduct.

As the leader of the college’s residence life program, I collaborated with education and training efforts for all students, overseeing the training of residence life staff as first responders in cases of sexual misconduct, and coordinating interim measures for housing adjustments and other accommodations that may be necessary following reports of misconduct or harassment.

My years of professional development in relation to Title IX include extensive training on conducting investigations with particular emphasis on trauma-informed processes.  

I joined the staff of St. Olaf in 1991. I grew up in Appleton WI and went to school at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire where I received a B.B.A in Finance and Accounting.  I have serveds as a Hall Director, Wellness Director and many leadership roles in Student Life - most recently as Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life.   I live in Nerstrand, MN with my husband Steve; our children Madeline and Kelin and our dog, cat and three guinea pigs.   I love working in my gardens and traveling with my daughters to watch them play volleyball.