Teaches: Psychopathology (247), Psychology of Personality (244), Environmental Psychology at Rocky Mountain National Park (227), Positive Psychology (342), Culture and Place in Psychology (254), Clinical & Counseling Psychology (375), and Personality Assessment (344).

Donna McMillan is a clinical psychologist who received her Ph.D and M.A. in clinical psychology from Duke University and her B.A. from the University of Virginia, having double majored in psychology and biology. Donna’s work focuses on the study of the person. She seeks a rich understanding of human beings as we really are, from the best of times to the worst of times. She teaches courses in Personality, Psychopathology, Positive Psychology, Environmental Psychology, Culture and Place in Psychology, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and Personality Assessment, and she received the Minnesota Psychological Association’s Award for Outstanding Teacher of Undergraduate Psychology and St. Olaf College’s Gertrude Hilleboe Award for Faculty Involvement in Student Life. Her research focuses on the psychological significance of the natural world and factors involved in psychological well-being.

For more information about Professor McMillan's teaching, research, clinical practice, international/off-campus programs, and guidelines for letters of recommendation, see:  https://pages.stolaf.edu/mcmillan/