Sequoia Nagamatsu teaches first-year writing (frequently in Environmental Conversations) and creative writing courses with a specialty in fiction. He is the author of the forthcoming novels, HOW HIGH WE GO IN THE DARK and GIRL ZERO (William Morrow/Harper Collins and Bloomsbury UK), as well as the Japanese folklore and pop-culture inspired story collection, WHERE WE GO WHEN ALL WE WERE IS GONE (Black Lawrence Press, 2016), an Entropy Magazine and Buzzfeed notable book, as well as a silver medal winner for Foreword Reviews Indies Book of the Year Award. His writing, which has also received the Copper Nickel Editor's Prize and a notable mention in The Best Horror of the Year and Best American Non-Required Reading, has appeared widely in journals, magazines, and anthologies such as Conjunctions, Black Warrior Review, Zyzzyva, The Fairy Tale Review, Lightspeed Magazine, The Bellevue Literary Review, PleiadesTin House, One World: A Global Anthology of Short Stories, and The Museum of All Things Awesome and That Go Boom, among others. Along with his wife, he co-edits Psychopomp Magazine, an online quarterly specializing in genre-bending and innovative prose. 

Prior to St. Olaf,  he taught at The College of Idaho and lived in Boise. His interests include innovative prose, science-fiction, hybrid genres, fabulism and magical realism, and literary journal editing/publishing. He resides in Lakeville with his wife and their cat, Kalahira.