Roback teaches courses throughout the statistics curriculum, emphasizing a hands-on approach with real research questions and real data.  One example is Advanced Statistical Modeling, which allows students to see cool methods like zero-inflated Poisson modeling and multilevel modeling using a book co-written by Roback and Julie Legler. The open source book -- Broadening You Statistical Horizons (BYSH): Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models -- is freely available online.  Roback is also heavily involved in the Center for Interdisciplinary Research, where students collaborate on data-focused research projects with faculty from around campus.  As an applied statistician, he has attacked problems ranging from clinical trials in panic disorder to indicators of welfare recidivism to effects of forest fragmentation on birds.  He has also guided students on projects ranging from mapping the tuberculosis genome to examining ambiguity in political candidates’ issue statements to predicting admissions yield at St. Olaf.  Outside of his office, Roback can often be found on some athletic court or field, playing or coaching his kids in basketball, tennis, or soccer.